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The backbone of everything is good recordkeeping


It’s Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Reporting

– Bookkeeping: recording of your company transactions

– Accounting: Applying consistent rules to how those transactions are recorded, so everyone can understand

– Reporting: summarizing those post-rule transactions in Financial Statements. Kinda like a report card for your company

– Monthly reporting meetings to review progress


Without proper record keeping, none of this will work properly:

– Budgeting

– Paying bills & taxes on time

– Collecting from customers on time

– Pitching to investors or banks for funding

– Updating banks, investors, or owners how things are progressing


We get you set up, running, and make it all painless

– Initial setup including review of previous information and migration to cloud-based platform

– Monthly transaction recording with little or no input from you

– Monthly preparation of Financial Statements

– Monthly review of Financial Statements with management and/or investors

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