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Capital raising is gaining access to cash funds that weren’t generated by revenue. Either Equity or Debt

– Equity: Giving up ownership (often Stock) to an investor for cash.

– Debt: Put your reputation and assets up for collateral, receive a loan or line of credit

– Preparation ranges from simple historical information to extensive analysis of past events and future projections, as well as personal representation.


Not all companies need capital. However, if you have plans to grow faster than your resources allow, this is a great option. 

– Capital allows you to purchase infrastructure you need to be more effective. Whether it’s IT, inventory, or rental space, sometimes it’s the chicken before the egg

– Founders spend up to 12 months of part or full-time effort preparing for a successful Capital raise. Imagine what your company could become with that time.

– Having an expert on your team adds credibility, relevance, and knowledge to a very confusing conversation.


Debt and Equity raises are both similar and different. 

– Debt typically focuses on the assets your company has, creditworthiness, and use of funds – we’ll handle aggregating the info, customizing a report, managing the application and negotiation, all to help you secure the cash with ease.

– Equity involves much more faith in a brand, a team, and future potential. We’ll turn your vision into an understandable projection that conveys the value of what you’re creating. We’ll even handle direct contact with investors to save you time.

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