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Who owes you? Who do you owe?


Simply stated: make sure you get paid quickly, pay vendors on time, and have access to the cash you need.

– Cash Flow Statement preparation & updating

– Collecting from customers or factoring invoices to use cash sooner

– Organize and optimize when and how you pay vendors to maximize discounts and ensure you have cash on hand


Even a slight mismatch between getting paid and paying a vendor can wreak havoc on your ability to do business.

– Collections efforts are time consuming, frustrating, and destroy goodwill with customers

– Late collection of cash means late payment to vendors. An unhappy vendor means your company can’t do it’s business effectively

– Even if there is sufficient cash in the bank to deal with poor timing, high-impact purchases and infrastructure investments may be delayed.


Step into an Evolved state, where your cash comes in on schedule, and vendors are happily paid on time. 

– Do more with the money you have and the money you earn

– We review vendor payment terms, schedule, and optimize your payment schedules

– We review invoicing, Accounts Receivable outstanding trends, and follow-up with customers before they become a problem

– We chase payments for you, or leverage outstanding receivables for cash that can keep the operations running smoothly

#1 reason companies fail: running out of cash

Save my Cash!