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Creating a “Fundable” Pro Forma

A good financial model, or “Pro Forma” is one of the essential elements needed to raise capital.  It is a key communication to investors detailing how the company will scale.  An entrepreneur armed with the numeric understanding of how and when his company will achieve $100 million will clearly be a stronger candidate than one […]

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Startup Pitch Deck

This is an insightful article on how to write a startup pitch deck by a friend from business school who  raised a very successful round of seed capital for his company. Enjoy! The 3 Questions Every Startup Pitch Deck Should Answer BY SUNIL RAJARAMAN / NOVEMBER 20, 2012 Pitching is both art and science, but having a pitch […]

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How To Raise Equity

Another excellent article by my classmate who raised $1 million in seed funding last year (2011).  Great work Sunil! BY SUNIL RAJARAMAN How To Raise A $1M Seed Round When I talk to my friends who are not currently at startups, or the Silicon Valley, the perception is that VCs and individual investors are throwing around investment […]

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