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truckYou had an idea, you sold it beautifully, and the people loved it!

Revenue: Your campaign is all cash!

Product: So successful it’s even got it’s own video

Team: 1-10 awesome dreamers

Investment: Down the line for expansion

TeamYour adoring fans await!

This is a crucial time – your reputation will thrive or perish on this first round of orders.

Going to make the minimum number and call it quits? Maybe lower your costs by manufacturing a much larger number of units?

Will your cash cover it? Will you need a loan? Do you owe taxes already?

our expertise and skills will help answer these questions.

The Crowdfunded Package

Crowdfunding finance support to help you get that product out the door!

Accounting & Taxes


Didn't think about all those taxes huh? We can help reduce the burden:

- Analysis of current Tax liability for up-front money collected
- Cloud bookkeeping services and preparation of Accrual-based Financial Statements to reduce tax burden

Financial Projection & Product Analysis


Know if you're going to make money or lose money?

- Financial Model & Projection to identify funding gaps or profit in current order
- Product analysis to identify long-term savings of higher volume manufacturing or changes in material types

On-Demand Expertise

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