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early-stageEarly Success, but you’ve got plenty left to prove!

Revenue: $50K-$500K+

Product: Killer Product, some success

Team: 5 – 20 people

Investment: Seed or Angel investment

MicroPhoneAdmit it: An Outside Expert would help

You’ve finally seen some success, now top priority is refocusing and charging ahead.

Surrounding yourself with experts and assistants removes both the need to learn unnecessary topics as well as waste time on the mundane. Remember when you started your company to solve a problem? Get back to it!

Go on, make us your next great idea, we dare you!

The Early-Stage Package

Custom-tailored to focus on your needs right now

Cloud Accounting & Reporting


- Monthly bookkeeping
- Monthly prepared financial reports
- Monthly management review meetings

Budget, Projections, Variance Analysis

($500-$2000/project, $50-$200/mo)

- Detailed financial projections
- Monthly variance analysis
- Monthly financial advisory meetings

Tax Support


- Delinquent Tax filings & mediation
- Quarterly return prep & filing
- Annual return prep & filing

Payroll, Benefits, HR


- Recurring payroll processing
- Benefit plan management
- HR best practices

We're the Experts

...and we're the best idea you had all day!

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