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Everyone wants to be you, but you want to be even better!  Generally you are:

Revenue: $500K – $10M

Product: A successful product or service

Team: 15 – 50+

Investment: Series A, Series B, Private Equity

Recycle IdeaYou’re wasting resources

Your company has found it’s way into the right set of products or services, built a well rounded team, and delivered on expectations, all on it’s own.

Now it’s time to go big. But big is complicated — more so than you thought!

Don’t waste time and money building a full Accounting, Tax, Finance, and HR team when it doesn’t make sense yet. Use your resources wisely and discover how agile a group of experts can be, especially when you have just one point of contact

The Growth-Stage Package

Custom-tailored to focus on your growing needs

Cloud Accounting & Reporting


Monthly bookkeeping, accounting & reporting services on the cloud.
- Monthly Bookkeeping
- Technical Accounting Analysis
- Monthly Financial Report preparation
- Monthly Management Review meetings

Payroll, Benefits, HR & Incentives


Expand your team effectively, efficiently, and with the right people.
- Recurring Payroll management
- Benefits plan management
- Incentive planning & effective equity budgeting
- Proper hiring & firing policies

Tax Support & Planning


Be prepared and stay in the good graces of the IRS
- Quarterly Return Preparation & Filing
- Annual Return Preparation & Filing
- Advice & Dispute resolution services
- State nexus analyses
- State return preparation & filing

Equity Capital


Get the bigger cash influx with a Venture Capital or Private Equity round
- Financial Modeling
- Future projections
- Pitch deck support/creation
- Pitch event support
- Ongoing investor management

Debt Capital


Save your equity & finance expansion with debt.
- Lender identification
- Application preparation
- Negotiation support or management
- Ongoing credit facility management

Cash Management


Know where your cash is coming and going
- Cash flow preparation
- Burn rate analysis & sensitivity testing
- A/R & A/P management
- Factoring or short term A/R loans.

Single Point of Contact

Agile Efficiency

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