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Hiring, Paying, and adding incentives for the Rockstars on your Team


It’s a short title that hides a lot of detail, regulations, and risk:

– Pay your employees on time and accurately

– Calculate and remit taxes properly and safely

– Use best practices in both documentation and action when hiring or firing

– Keep your best assets happy with benefits they can brag about


Simply stated, it’s a lot to manage, with serious consequences for failing to do it properly.

– Payroll tax mistakes can cause a cascade of audit alerts and investigations

– Employment law is least favorable and most costly to the employer

– Benefits packages are confusing and riddled with sales incentives

– Even a simple mistake in documenting an employees performance or termination can pose significant risk for lawsuit


Hand off the headache, get back to building an all-star company.

– Payroll distributions run on time, with appropriate taxes calculated and remitted to the authorities without lifting a finger

– Best practice documentation made available for expanding the team

– On-boarding new employees into the payroll system

– Selected benefits packages brought to the table for quick decisions and fast implementation

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