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Where to go, how to get there, and avoiding pitfalls


A wide variety of tools, projects, and reminders with infinite value

– Everything from an advanced budget to specific analysis of product lines

– Knowing what the goals are is the first step, but after that it helps to have a realistic view of what it takes to get there

– Simple or advanced analyses such as variance and common-size analysis, burn rate calculation, or activity-based-costing help really understand the company


Most companies fail to manage their financial plans adequately

– Reviewing and updating a plan is essential for guiding the company

– Being aware quickly if goals are not being met, then correcting

– The essence of a Lean or Agile methodology applies to your back office too

– Having core, useful, and impactful information at your fingertips is critical for effective leadership and guidance


Each company is unique, so is each project

– Preparation of in-depth Projections, analyses, or other reports that adds substance to your own goals and provides a realistic view of the costs to get there

– Establishing metrics and analyses that are useful and impactful based on your needs

– Evolve past cookie-cutter budgets and step into a world filled with key information that lets you act quickly and decisively

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